IOT / Distributed Sensors

IOT / Distributed Sensors


Internet of Things is the new tsunami of connected products, beyond traditional IT end points and phones, with a pervasive presence in our day-to-day world.


Our solution

Secure IoT to enable trust and daily usage. The vast majority of the 30 billion connected products that are planned in 2020 will be mere sensors or actuators often deployed in common devices.
Moabi platform is the solution to scale and expand security audits to IoTs. In-depth analysis and testing can be leveraged to improve product security and prevent future attacks.
Most IoTs must be low cost to enable new use cases. Sensors and actuators, that must be deployed everywhere in various conditions and situations, are designed for a long-life span, and they often contain off-the-shelves components with few or no maintenance.
Cybersecurity is a real opportunity and differentiator for IoT designers and manufacturers. Large enterprise and organizations can leverage cybersecurity to select IoTs with new security criteria in mind to reduce risks right from the start of the purchasing process.
Dysfunction, or specific attacks, may result in business impacts because of direct damage on finance or on reputation, branding trustworthiness, and in human life losses.
Moabi gives visibility on IoT built-in security and presents a clear assessment about the strengths and weaknesses of the IoT firmware and their binaries to rapidly answer questions. It fosters better product security and robustness to prevent many threats and attacks.


Benchmark and select IOT based on clear and consistent cybersecurity criteria. Make sure suppliers implement best practices and standards to lower risks of attacks.