Industry 4.0 / IIOT

Industry 4.0 / IIOT


3D printing, robotics and the new cyber physical systems (CPS), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Artificial Intelligence and cognitive computing, cloud services and operational processes (OT)… they all contribute to shape the 4th industrial revolution.
Cybersecurity is a key success factor of the new industry processes.


Our solution

Manufacturing technologies undergo massive and rapid moves with new data exchanges and automation. 
Security can be a new layer to balance the unwanted effects of open and interconnected systems and foster built-in security right from the start and before the effective deployment of a new manufacturing solution. 
This industry 4.0 relies on high connectivity, new software building blocks and a fundamental change in organizing how data is shared, how systems are controlled and how processes are delivered.
Quality and safety have always been critical parameters of manufacturing. With new open systems, software-based solution and high connectivity, cybersecurity should become the 3rd pillar to prevent, manage and remediate the new risks.
Communication tools
With Moabi, industrials obtain the relevant analytics to assess and test any new systems and equipment in order to compare suppliers for a given project. In the selection process, they have the communication tools to challenge their suppliers on their security level and raise their security awareness.


Protect industry 4.0 with consistent, sustainable and meaningful security audits built upon key metrics and reports for continuous improvements.