Our company


Software is everywhere : from Cloud, Edge Computing and IoT to Industry Operations, Software Defined Networks and 5G…

Is your software security-ready ?
Is your software supply chain monitored and controlled to continuously improve your organization’s security posture ?

MOABI helps corporations and organization to analyze, measure and improve their Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) to succeed in their digital transformation.

The MOABI automated security audits increase security coverage and risk assessment in respect to all types of software,
being it internal or external development,
either from Independent Software Vendors or Open Source.


Our Mission

Design, develop and deliver solutions for better product and supply chain cybersecurity.

Our Story


Maturity of our technology and core platform engine

After 10 years of working in various consulting activities with different missions in Pentest, Red Teams and Product Security, 3 entrepreneurs came together to embark on one mission:
– develop cybersecurity solutions to give businesses the processes and tools for a secured software development lifecycle.
After combining their different skills and tools together, they created MOABI Platform which was first successfully deployed in 2018 to address unsolved challenges that a customer faced.
The MOABI company was then created to develop and promote their product security technology to automate security audits. MOABI platform is the result of their quest for efficiency and precision.
Today, MOABI aims to develop and promote cybersecurity software that helps customers deliver better products to their own customers.

Leadership Team


Jean-Michel Brossard - CEO

Jean-Michel is a veteran of the industry with 40 years of experience as an automotive executive.

Prior his position as CMO, he was CEO of Michelin South America.
He held multiple responsibilities and was global Executive Vice President.


Jonathan Brossard - CTO

Joanthan has more than 20 years' experience in assembly programming and Reverse Engineering, Prior to co-funding MOABI, Jonathan has worked as Head and Director of Offensive Security and Security Research at Salesforce (San Francisco, USA), Director and Principal Engineer of Product Security at Salesforce (San Francisco, USA), Head of Security at Change.org (San Francisco, USA), Co-Founder and CEO of Consulting Firm Toucan System (Sydney, Australia/Paris France). He has also worked in India and lived in Brazil.
Photo_Rond (Grand)

David DAUSSlN - ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤDirector of Innovation

David has an engineering background. His professionnal background has not only enabled him to obtain an overview of the concerns of information systems management, but also to gradually specialize in IT security.

Attached to quality exchanges, he has been able to share his knowledge and skills on many occasions on training courses leading to certification (UTT Troyes), but also to collaborate on books on the theme of cybersecurity (ENI editions).



Jonathan Brossard is a world renowned security expert having participated in over 50 conferences with disruptive original researches. He published the first exploits against Microsoft Bitlocker, and the first remote exploits targeting Microsoft Windows 10 and the Microsoft Edge web browser. His researches in low level binary, BIOS, and firmware security have been featured by many media, including The Intercept, the MIT Technology Review and Forbes, who covered his PoC firmware malware Rakshasa (the World’s first public portable firmware backdoor). .

He holds a Master’s degree in Engineering and a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence, both obtained at the Ecole des Mines (France).

Jonathan is an Associate Professor at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Paris, France).