Supply Chain | Integration

Control supply chain security : verify cybersecurity posture of 3rd party products and components.

How to select vendors with systematic and consistent cybersecurity criteria and how to benchmark their product security versus other vendors, or between their different releases ?

Today’s software result from an integration of internal development, open source software and other vendors components. More and more attacks leverage suppliers, their products and the supply chain to specifically target companies and their customers.

The MOABI platform provides a complete security assessment, with analysis and tests of third-party software. Program and project teams can now define cybersecurity objectives for their suppliers with metrics. They can set-up requirements and control deliveries.

Metrics are used to evaluate and vet suppliers based on their real product security to raise their cybersecurity posture and improve overall program security.


Cybersecurity is not a bug, it is a feature … a true product differentiator.
Make sure to use the best security practices and to implement standards when developing and designing new products.

MOABI helps you design, develop, compile and deploy secured products. It supports Secured Software Developed Life Cycle and helps you implement state of the art security features so bugs, weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the software do not cascade to your clients and users.

Within your CI/CD process or as a standalone platform, MOABI analyzes and tests software to deliver detailed gap analysis and remediation action list. Start measuring with detailed analysis and tests to uncover the next steps for better product cybersecurity.

With MOABI, you get clear evidence that our product enforces cybersecurity-by-design guidelines.

Software Audits

Assess and test software without source code and identify security gaps.
Do you need to green light the cybersecurity status of a product or project in a few hours?

The MOABI platform provides security analytics and key performance metrics to objectivize cybersecurity posture.
Does a product meet your performance requirements? Get a go/no-go decision about security in a few hours with clear KPIs and drill down into details to understand gaps with remediation reports.

MOABI automates security diagnostics and brings your team crystal clear metrics to ease your communication with all stakeholders – security teams, product and programs, purchasing, project decision makers, and suppliers.

Versatile platform to enable

product security processes

Solutions for SSDLC

Cybersecurity-by-design for R&D team

Supply chain and 3rd party vendors product security audits for purchasing, architecture and design teams

Software audits for GRC, security and consulting teams

Deployment Models

SaaS / Public cloud

SaaS – Pod / dedicated hardware and single tenancy for operation

Appliance / deployment in controlled data center
Can be air-gapped for maximum connection security

Private cloud / deployment in customer private cloud


Inbound and outbound integration for seamless deployment in current processes:

- Rest API

- Jira, Jenkins available

- pdf, csv extraction.