SaaS – Appliance – Private Cloud

Analyze and test software without source code

Threats and cyber attacks are on the rise. Corporations’ and organizations’ attack surface continue to grow due to cloud applications, edge platform, mobile applications, IT solutions and new connected devices.

To protect themselves, companies and organisations deploy various solutions to protect themselves from new attacks using perimetric security, 0 trust policies and tools to detect threats and respond to attacks so hackers would not be able to exploit their vulnerabilities and weak spots.

The MOABI stands out with a proactive solution to make sure that new software and devices are developed according to security standards and that state-of-the-art cybersecurity is implemented.

The MOABI technology detects bugs, defects, weaknesses and vulnerabilities at the software level without requiring source code.

The MOABI technology automatically enables audit product security due to a rapid analysis of application, OS and firmware for a complete security view of a software or a device.

MOABI covers multiple architectures ( x86, ARM32, Aarch64, MIPS…) and multiple environments (Windows, Linux, Android, IoS, RTOS such as VxWorks…). Get a full audit with security metrics and gap analysis report in a few minutes or hours, instead of days and weeks of an expert.

Measure cybersecurity and bridge the gap with security state of art and best practice implementation.

Executive reports and engineering reports to get visibility and action items for remediation

Based on MOABI’s 7 metrics and cybersecurity criteria, the MOABI platform provides 2 level of reports :

– Synthesis reports to assess the cybersecurity posture of a software and compare it with previously release or a competing software.

– Detailed reports of weaknesses, bugs and vulnerabilities, featuring gap analysis versus best practices and security standards to take remediation actions with internal and external suppliers.

Software Bill Of Material – S-BOM
Detailed Software Components Analysis (SCA) and Inventory

MOABI provides a complete list of all software components :
– open source software,
– third party components
– and proprietary binaries,
with related CPE (common platform enumeration), a normalised ID based on binary name, developer and release number.

Product Security Policy
Set KPI for product security

Create KPI based on MOABI 7 metrics and set-up policies to point at software and components which are below targets.
With MOABI, CISOs and GRCs leaders can easily set cybersecurity targets and thresholds to drive better product security and mitigate risks.