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Software is everywhere : from Cloud, Edge Computing and IOT to Industry Operations, Software Defined Networks and 5G...

Is your software security-ready ? Is your software supply chain monitored and controlled to continuously improve your organization's security posture ?

Moabi helps your organization analyze, measure and improve your Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) to help you succeed in your digital transformation.

Moabi helps increase security coverage in respect to all types of software. Being it internal or external development, either from Independent Software Vendors or Open Source.

Analytics Reports

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IoT Firmware Security

Defense Surface & Analytics : Measure your security posture across your Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) thanks to 5 key analytics and remediation reports


The 5 Key Security Analytics


Assessment of the technical debt relative to the toolchain and architecture.


Measure and quantify the strength of cryptographic ciphers, automatically detect ciphers in use within your applications.


Assess adherence to industry standards and best practices. The higher the rating, the more compliant and future-proof your application will be.


Measure how applications implement defense in depth mechanisms to deter generic attack vectors.


Detection of known (CVEs) and unknown (0days) classes of vulnerabilities using Moabi's exclusive symbolic execution engine.

MOABI Reports

3 levels of reporting

Analytics 1

The first level of analytics reporting (A1) provides an executive summary of all the metrics computed during the static analysis of binaries.

Analytics 2

The second level of analytics reporting (A2) provides technical details and evidence regarding all the metrics computed during the symbolic execution of binaries.


Get actionable advising on how to fix vulnerabilities, make applications more robust and prevent future software failures.

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