5G / Telecom

5G / Telecom


5G is a massive technology leap for mobile and wireless technologies.


Our solution

Telecom operators or digital service providers should integrate, deploy and operate new OSS and BSS platforms to deliver on the 5G promise. Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) have enriched and extended network capabilities in terms of agility, performance and network features. However, faster, always-on and pervasive connectivity mean new cyber risks.
Moabi platform provides automated cybersecurity audits for these new products and equipments, without the need of source code. Moabi measures and improves the security posture of this new wave of software and hardware supporting 5G.
New applications may be exposed to malicious attacks: new threats and attack surfaces grow at an exponential rate. It is highly difficult to maintain walled gardens in an open world where connectivity is the new mantra, and perimetric security becomes notably insufficient. 
Moabi platform provides automated security audits of new software, OSes, applications and firmware without the need of source code. The solution delivers the scalability and exhaustivity to assess and test products of internal R&D teams, third party suppliers and open source. This expands cybersecurity diagnostic capabilities to multiple architectures and environment to help Communication Service Providers (CSP) to mitigate cybersecurity risks and improve overall product security of their networks.
As any other enterprise, institutions and organizations, CSPs must rely on software with real built-in security: it is now an imperative pre-requisite before deployment.  
Moabi empowers telecom operators to get a full visibility on the security level of their equipment providers and helps them to qualify their solutions with tangible and consistent security criteria.
The use of new software building blocks and the end of proprietary hardware-based systems have raised new cybersecurity challenges to deliver truly secured networks for end users and telecom providers themselves.
Moabi delivers : - Software Bill of Material (S-BOM) to verify software components whether they are sourced from internal development teams or third parties - sustainable and consistent metrics with gap analysis and remediation reports to illuminate cybersecurity weaknesses, bugs and vulnerabilities and remediate them. This enhances dramatically the cybersecurity posture and robustness of the CSP's digital systems.


Get a more secured digital environment created by efficient analysis and tests. Mitigate risks and improve overall system security.