Moabi, SME of the month

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Moabi, SME of the month

september 2022

Protection of sensitive data and automatic metrics.

MOABI participated at the #WebTech of the SCS cluster to share its expertise around the following topics:

  • What is the SSDLC development method (Secure Software Development Live Cycle)
  • Expertise on automated security audits
  • Customer testimonial
  • Question and answer session

    The participants were able to discover the SSDLC (Secure Software Development Live Cycle) development method based on the notion of continuous progress. When we say continuous progress, we mean measurement to qualify this progress. MOABI had review the principle of fully automated audits, the security posture, and the analysis of software&binary without holding the source code. 7 metrics representative of the industry’s best practices were presented.

Find the complete interview of Jean-Michel BROSSARD, Director of MOABI on the website of the SCS competitiveness cluster ( Click here )

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